Personalized Fashion Advice

Complimentary Styling Reviews

When you purchase an Alex + Abby jacket and send us a pic of you wearing it, one of our stylists will review your photo and offer personalized styling suggestions.

This is a win-win bonus for you AND for our stylists. We want to understand YOUR personal style challenges. Taking time to connect directly with shoppers is the best market research we can invest in. And if you're happy with the results of your styling review, perhaps you'll consider shopping with us more often.

How It Works:

  • Order an Alex + Abby jacket before midnight CST April 17, 2022.  A styling review is available with any jacket listed on the Alex + Abby jackets page 

  • Once you receive your jacket, have someone take a full body photo of you wearing the jacket.  Please wear clothing that you're thinking about wearing with the jacket.

  • Send your photo to with the subject line "Styling Review Request".  Be sure to submit your photo by April 30, 2022.

  • Feel free to tell us about your biggest style challenges.

  • Our stylist will review your photo and respond with styling suggestions.

You may return an item even if you've participated in a styling review. If you choose not to participate in a styling review, that's ok. We'll be disappointed we won’t get to know you better, but we'll understand.