The Scoop on French Terry

The Scoop on French Terry

French terry—it's been around since the 1800s, but lately, it's the VIP of comfy fashion. Designers and celebrities have been seen sporting the fabric in all types of athleisure. Whether you're rocking high heels or high-tops, it's the cool, laid-back vibe that steals the show.

French terry got its name from the French verb 'tirer,' meaning 'to pull.' Back in the day, they pulled silk knots through woven cloth, and voila, terrycloth was born. Fast forward to now, it's all about cotton.

Why is French terry the go-to for sweatshirts and loungewear? Comfort, my friend. It's absorbent, wicks moisture away, and keeps you cozy in any weather. Pro tip: throw on a layer after the gym for the ultimate comfort experience.

Now, you might be wondering how French terry compares to other fabrics. Jersey is smooth, but French terry's got that extra weight and moisture-trapping loop. Fleece? Not as breathable. Velour? It's cool but doesn't soak up water like French terry. For it’s natural softness and performance, French terry is the winner.

Cleaning French terry is a breeze. Cool wash, low heat tumble dry. Stubborn stain? Skip the harsh chemicals, try white vinegar and a mild detergent.

French terry knit is like the upgraded version of jersey, velour, or fleece—loops on one side, soft piles on the other. And yes, it keeps you warm without making you melt. It's the midweight miracle that wicks away moisture, keeping you comfy in any weather. Cool, right?

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