Our Story


Have you ever asked:

  • Why does figuring out "what to wear" have to be such a chore? 
  • Why doesn’t anybody make clothes for me?
  • Why should I have to choose between clothes that make me look good OR clothes that feel good?

We did too. 

We searched for an answer.  But didn’t find one that was quite right.
Then we thought, “We know a thing or two about active apparel. We can do something about this.”
So we did. We started Alex + Abby and created Everywear.

Our team has spent more than 25 years outfitting athletes and producing apparel for major sports brands, leagues and colleges. Our expertise in performance clothing now goes into creating versatile clothing for active women like us who have been there, done that and are still blazing trails. No more settling for youngster styles or shapeless silhouettes.

Our mission is to create a flattering fit that makes you look as good as our clothes feel. We obsess over every detail of clothing construction: 35+ measure points, countless fabric tests, endless fitting sessions, and real-world wear testing.  This attention to product development produces a winning look and uncompromising comfort. We understand that ½” added to a waistband or shaved from a legging length can make all the difference - feeling confident is just as important to us as function.

Built on the philosophy that your closet should be curated around long-wearing pieces you love; our hard-working Everywear styles go effortlessly from home to work and everywhere in-between.


Dana Michelle
Founder / Chief Closet Curator